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  Membership at The Right To Learn offers unlimited access to all areas on our site. This includes unlimited access to:

* E book- "No Teacher Left Behind"(see sample below)

* On line teacher's conference on dyslexia- full version (see sample below)

* Teachers in service on dyslexia- you can give this access to your child's teachers as needed.

* Encyclopedia of on line videos available for assisting your child with Math, Science & English (see sample below)

* Form letters to give to your child's teachers offering free assistance, through our website, to help them learn about dyslexia and multi-sensory classrooms.(see sample below)

* On line quizzes to help you understand your child's learning style & helpful information to help with each styles.(see sample below)

For Membership: The Right To Learn- Unlimited Access $24.99 Click Below

  Please note that you will receive your passwords starting Tuesday, September 6, 2011. At that time the membership will be fully operational. Thank you for your patience.



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