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Welcome To The Inservice On Understanding Learning Styles & The Multisensory Classroom


Multi-sensory classrooms are for everyone- not just dyslexics.

Many teachers may ask why do I want a multi-sensory classrooms? The following in-service will show examples of how a multi-sensory classroom can help reach all the students within your class. By making the classroom a multi-sensory experience, with use of many learning styles, rather then only using the traditional read and write methods, all students retain the information not just those that are dominate with a linguistic learning style.


                              This in-service will provide you with information about the different learning styles that students have. You will find many resources to help you learn about making your classrooms multi-sensory while accommodating the different learning needs of your students. You will read about teachers using this concept in their rooms, and the results they have achieved.

                                Also addressed is the use of multi-sensory teaching to help students with state standardized testing and the results that can be achieved.

                               Whether you teach math, english, history, or any other subject, you will find that I have provided many examples of each subject along with lesson plans to help give you ideas of the changes you can make.

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